How to Improve Website Traffic And Keywords Ranking After Google Core Updates 2020?

So, if your website is still not ranked, you have a good chance to roll your sleeve and try to get a rating. Google updates recently focused on quality work, so that your website can get a significant rank even though you don't want to work a lot. All you need to do is ensure that everything on your website is perfectly filled with the latest update criteria. However, you might lose a few points if you don't realize all updates. So, we are discussing some decent tips to increase website rank after Google updates recently.

Google Core Update May 20202

Ensure content quality

Do you agree "Content is king"? Of course we as a "digitalhalt" team do! But now after Google updates recently, the significance of content has become more in obtaining rankings. So, don't just rewrite and edit existing content, ensure that your website content is researched properly, original, to point, user-oriented, and worth reading and sharing. Google can promote websites that have quality content and do not have a significant rating. There are several parameters that you must consider in your content.

Content must be original, informative, good research and user-oriented
It must provide complete information about what your website is
Meet the originality and filled with information that is worth reading
There must be relevance in the title, page title, subtitle and description
Your content is worthy of bookmarking and sharing
It must be free of spelling, grammatical and factual errors
Above all, your content must be trusted and suggested. So, with quality, make sure that every point you mentioned in the content is correct and feasible. It will bring more like positive reviews and finally lead your website to a better ranking.

Google Core Update 2020 May

Google does not understand the quality of content as a human who understands. So, it collects signals that imply content quality. It collects information like, social sharing, visitors, assessors of quality, well correlation between pages, and many other parameters. But for all this, you must save high-quality content on your website.

Ensure the best line loading speed

There are several factors that reduce the speed of websites such as hosting, servers, cache, plugins, traffic volumes, pictures and large-sized files, and more. So, make sure these factors do not affect the speed of your site. For a slow server, you can prefer to talk with your hosting service provider. But besides that, keep removing the cache page and CSS entered. Make sure the image you are uploaded is less sized. Slow speed because high traffic volume also depends on the type of hosting you are using. So, for a better speed, you can choose the hosting server managed or dedicated depending on your needs. Google promotes websites that have fast loading speed through websites that have slow loading speeds.

Create your website friendly user from all-around

It's not just about speed, but also about everything like an internal or external link, page appearance, ease of reading, the fewer the number of advertisements, and most importantly, a cellular friendly site can be developed better than the web developer.

In addition, make smart interlinking so that the reader just click the link and read more information instead of typing on Google. Also, more advertising can irritate users thus increasing the bounce ratio. So, save your ads for a minimum. Relevance in content and images is another factor that makes readers engaged and make a better sit site in search engine eyes.

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