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This cooler is rotomolded and made from one seamless piece of plastic. It had great temperature retention and had plenty of ice leftover after 36 hours. It's thick and durable with large handles for carrying, though we recommend two people carry it together or that you opt to leave it in the car for camping because it doesn't have wheels and can weigh around 110 pounds when filled with the maximum capacity of cans, according to our test. It can hold up to 64 cans with ice and comes with a food bin. It latches with rubber hooks.

Our testers liked that it has two drains that allow you to release melted ice from either side depending on how the cooler is sloped or where it is placed.

The Polar Bear Original Backpack Cooler offers an easy way to carry food and beverages around during a hike or trip to the beach. It's padded and has wide straps. It fits 20 cans without ice and weighed around 20 pounds.

In our test, it proved difficult to pack because of its design, but it held temperature extremely well: At 36 hours, the temperature at the bottom of the backpack was around 35˚F compared to about 40˚F when the soda cans were first added. The ice had melted at that point but there were no wet spots or leaks, and while the temperature at the top of the backpack about ten degrees warmer, it was still sufficiently cold.

This industrial-looking cooler features two removable vertical dividers and a basket that allow you to create four sections to keep your wine, beer, soda, water and more organized and easy to find — plus, it can hold up to 212 cans with ice. It has utility loops to secure towels, trash and recycle bags. One of our favorite features is the 360-degree battery-operated LED lights that illuminate the inside of the cooler to help find your items quickly, even at night.

The Party Bar is on wheels that can be locked into place, and the base (where the wheels are located) removes for easy transporting in a car. The lid is hinged for easy opening and closing, and it can be removed to turn the cooler into an open beverage bucket.

The Revo Party Barge is our most unique cooler choice. It's completely open-faced, built for maintaining cooler temperatures for events and parties. It’s 11 inches wide and a little under 4 feet in length with three sections, two of which are designed to hold ice plus a center unit for condiments and other dry goods. And fun fact: It floats!

The Revo is capable of holding temperatures all day long. During our test, it held a temperature of 40˚F for 12 hours, a generous amount of time for most parties. It can be hosed down for cleaning.

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